“AI is a tool. The choice about how it gets deployed is ours”. The creation of artificial intelligence for the success of events is impressive, but it can last successful until we control the risks. Here we are starting a debate on Artificial intelligence as the malicious and defensive weapon. If we talk about the cyber world, AI is machine intelligence and has collaborated with the natural intelligence of humans to gift us speech, facial recognition, and optimized Google’s search engine. The intelligent AI agents have improved problem-solving techniques. But what if these knowledgeable agents work for the terrorist groups to fetch our data and to help them in attacking us by cyber warfare medium?. 

AI and the human brain 

AI utilizes the sensors which act like a human brain to choose specific actions after collecting and processing information. LIDAR, long-range cameras, and many such tools used in different ways to collect various data. AI works like a human brain like we first think and do something. Similar is the case with artificial intelligence as humans can utilize their minds for good and bad purposes; AI can also be used for good and evil purposes. 

Resource intensive 

Artificial intelligence has improved digital security by enabling experts to analyze and study efficiently. Every business organization is integrating AI with cybersecurity technologies as a countermeasure for cyber attacks. But, it is resource-intensive and lacks practical implementation in most of the applications. Due to the lack of practical implementation creates an edge or the back door for hackers. Implementing only the conceptual model is not enough. So, cybercriminals use their tools to attack the AI models where there is the only conceptual model applied. AI’s exclusive access to large amounts of data sometimes can not get fulfilled and helps criminals to initiate cyber attacks. Let’s first explore the good side and then the bad side of AI and then pick an accurate answer for whether Artificial intelligence works as a malicious and defensive weapon. 

The good side of Artificial intelligence 


Before the advent of AI, repetitive tasks performed by humans, but now robotic process automation takes care of it. The businesses have flourished to a great extent because of CRM (customer relationship management) by AI. Immediate responses generated by chatbots are all applications of AI, which has brought innovation and convenience at the same time. Whether the autonomous vehicles or education sector, the AI predictive analysis supports self-driving cars, assess grades, and help students to suggest what best for them. 

Robotics and cyborg technology 

Nowadays, humans are living more independently as compared to the past. Because everything is robotic and automated. AI is bringing innovation in robots through image processing, home maid robots, and exploration robots. The timely disaster response of robots initiating the more need for AI. Moreover, the cyborg has made human lives easy. The robotic and cyborg technology implementation because of AI is the future of health, public, and industrial sectors. 

Virtual agent and speech recognition 

You might be aware of producing text from computer data; all is because of AI–Natural language generation. Now, summarizing business intelligence insights, customer service, and report generation is a game of minutes. The virtual agents produced by AI reduces human tasks by performing non-verbal behaviors. Also, the interactive voice response systems transforming the human speech into a format. Classification and prediction in enterprise applications all done by integrating AI. It utilizes the APIs as computing power for deployment, training, and designing of toolkits. Also, the in-depth learning platforms with multiple abstraction layers form artificial neural networks. It is helpful in pattern recognition for performing better and deploying to a greater extent. 

More Applications of AI bringing more benefits

There are versatile applications of AI that will compel you to declare AI as a defensive weapon such as NLP and text analytics. The biometrics is improving access control and access management. Moreover, AI is enhancing surveillance by introducing drones. The real-time assistance, predicti9ng outcomes, data mining, and automating customer interactions by AI brings benefits in every sector of life. 

The bad side of Artificial intelligence

There are some malicious uses of Artificial intelligence that raise the need to mitigate and eliminate the risks. 

Compromised physical security 

AI has helped the terrorists to attack us with the help of automated weapons such as drones. Some novel attacks subvert cyber-physical systems and make the systems and vehicles to crash automatically generating the huge physical loss. 

Espionage, Sabotage, and Propaganda 

Have you ever thought about how cyber warfare is performing its operations? It is artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is helping to gather and process data for propaganda and compromising political security. The persuasion, surveillance, and deception are triggering privacy invasion in countries. Available data can help terrorists to espionage and sabotage, providing physical harm and also the thought disruption. AI vulnerabilities can compromise cybersecurity and military hardware. 

Compromised digital security 

Cyber attacks by utilizing the AI by automated tasks initiate a trade of between efficacy of attacks and scale. Spear phishing ( labor-intensive cyber attacks) can pose severe threats to digital security. The automated hacking and use of speech synthesis for impersonation triggers adversarial and data poisoning.


As digital and cybersecurity is the hour of need so compromise or vulnerabilities in it because of AI can be threatening. Where it used in many beneficial applications, it can bring down humans by taking over the intelligent agents by hackers. AI arms race can initiate AI war triggering mas casualties. So, to avoid these threats, never make AI independent and always mitigate and work for eliminating the dangers. Moreover, make cybersecurity independent and AI its subdomain to enhance control on machines. 

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