As we are advancing in technology, robots are getting better and better too. Thanks to the AI which is bringing innovation in Robots. In the past, robots designed as such that they can perform only one task. But as time goes by, innovation in robots makes them able to perform multitasking. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) brings robotics to another level. It makes the robots able to act intelligently without or very little human intervention. Before, robots were programmed to do or perform some specific tasks. But with the help of AI robots will not be programmed to do some particular tasks, these robots will be intelligent, and they will also learn by heir own and act right according to how the owner wants. Here are some cool things that AI brings in modern robots.

Image Processing

Image processing is one of the most innovative features in advance robots. AI is bringing innovation in Robots mainly through image processing. With image processing, robots can identify objects on her own. The image processing also helps robots in face recognition and interpreting action in videos. Robots manipulate the image to gain information about it. It is called digital image processing in which input is the image, and at the output, the robot collects some specific knowledge of an image to identify it.

Home Maid Robots

Artificial intelligence-based image processing enables the robots to move and take every action autonomously by watching and interpreting everything like a human eye. These robots which have image processing adjective now used in the home for domestic work and much more purposes. These robots clean the houses, place the things in heir right place, takes care of many things. These robots also have multimedia functions in them so that they can entertain the infants or teens too.

Exploration Robots

AI robots are used for exploration purposes, as they can see, analyze, and store the needed information. We can send the AI robots here where human life is in danger for exploration purposes and can step in the new world. AI is bringing innovation in Robots regarding exploration and also better analysis of existing technologies.

Enhances Security

The face recognition features through image processing enables them to take care of your home from any intruder when you are not at home. The more they will spend at your home, the more they will also learn and work with your will or as you want.

Humanoid Robots

Artificial Intelligence is a key factor in the development of humanoid robots. Sophia is an excellent example of it. Sophia is the most famous humanoid robot that is developed by Hanson robotics. Sophia looks like a complete human being. Hanson Robotics displayed her in many TV shows where the Sophia interacted with human beings. In- fact, know Sophia gained a celebrity like popularity.

Humanoid robots can also interact with human beings and learn their norms and behaviors and act like rational human beings. After some time of interaction, they can fully make conservation with you like a normal human being.

Consumer Service Robots

This kind of robot widely used now for service at restaurants, hotels, and receptions. They interact with customers and also deal with them in place of waiters. AI is bringing innovation in Robots and it is one of the masterpieces. As time goes by, they will learn complete etiquette and deal more well then a waiter.

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