Privacy Policy

This privacy policy follows the privacy law disclosing how we manage our user’s or site visitor’s data. It fulfills all the legal requirements of protecting user’s privacy. Our privacy policy is a shield against any disclosure of a user’s personal information. This privacy policy document is an assurance of how we disclose user’s or party’s information to other enterprises and partners. Here we declare how we collect, store, and release personal information with an essence of security features.

Information collection and use

Uncertainty arises when there is sharing of one-sided information. That’s why we ask our users to enter their email addresses to keep them updated with our latest news. We invite users to register them on our website to identify and contact them for educational purposes. Cookies and other personal information may also help us in collecting the desired information for better communication. This information collection is a medium to enable the users to freely use our site to ask for any queries and to share their views via reviews.

The primary purpose of this information collection is to enhance the user experience. Collecting or extracting information mainly fulfills the aim to serve users all requirements.

Log data

We collect log data via the help of the server whenever you visit our website. This Log Data may include information such as your browser version, the date and time of your visit, computer’s Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, pages of our Service that you visit, the time spent on those pages, and other statistics.


We send files embedded with a small amount of data in the form of a unique identifier, commonly known as cookies. Cookies are sent to your browser from our website whenever you visit and stored on your computer’s hard drive. We send cookies to gather information for boosting user experience through our Service. We gave you the option to either accept or reject cookies, but in case of rejecting cookies, you may not be able to be the part of some of our crucial services.

Third-party disclosure

We follow our country’s laws and regulations while sharing our user’s information with third parties. Most of the time, we avoid sharing information, but in the case of fulfilling business standards, we share sometimes but in a way not compromising our user’s privacy.

Third-party links

Infosec tweaks analyze third parties and different site information to extract beneficial information for the user. We declare that we do not have any direct connection to these third parties and diverse businesses. Clicking on links we provide of these third parties e redirect you to these websites. But make sure to read those websites’ privacy policies. We are not accountable for any disclosure of information by those third parties.

Google AdSense

We collect your nonpersonal information with the help of “DART” in collaborating with Google AdSense. This collaboration leads to the advertisement of your interest.


We allow our cookies partner to extract your nonpersonal information for advertising on your browsers. You can block these third parties cookies in your browser settings. This extraction of nonpersonal information is not harmful as their only intent is to advertise for their website even when you are not visiting their website.


As an infosec blog, we highly condemn spamming and follow strict rules during commercial marketing and email. We ensure that users do not get the information they do not want to. We follow the “Can Spam-Act” law to give freedom to users to browse data of their own choice. Only by entering your email address you can subscribe to every Service of our website. We also allow our users to block the undesired ad with just one click. Our physical address is accessible and does not disguise any required information.

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