In this article, we are going to mention the Top 15 Penetration Testing Tools in 2020 to identify the vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities of a network can lead to severe security attacks. So, the tools we are going to mention will help you in identify the vulnerabilities to save you from potential attacks. 

What is Network Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is authorized to attack, and it is also known as pen-testing. Why is there a need for digital security? Security expert performs penetration testing to evaluate the security of the system. This test is also performed by authorized people to find out the vulnerabilities and weakness of the system, so penetration testing makes your system more secure from unauthorized people.  

Penetration tester or ethical hackers also perform real-world attacks that actual hackers perform to compromise your system. By penetration testing, ethical hackers will know what the security vulnerabilities of your system are, also how to handle these attacks and also how can we make our sensitive data more secure?

How does Penetration Test work?

For the simulation of attack or find out the vulnerabilities of the system, the first tester must have complete knowledge of that system on which they perform the test. Moreover, Ethical hacker uses social engineering hacking threats and software tools for evaluation of the system. In the market, there are different penetration tools are available, and some have the same features, so sometimes it’s challenging for a penetration tester to figure out the best tool for the test.

Now here we will discuss some latest and best Penetration Testing Tools for vulnerability assessment and pen testing:

Best Penetration Testing Tools


WireShark is one of the best penetration testing tools used to monitor network traffic. It is a network analyzer tool, and in the past, also known as Ethereal. WireShark captures network traffic and present network information to pen tester in human-readable form. Moreover, Network information that captures Wireshark included packet information, network protocols, which systems are live, decryption, also most active accounts etc. It is an open-source and available to the different system such as windows, Linux, Solaris, macOS, NetBSD and FreeBSD.

What are the different features of Wireshark?

Wireshark has many features, including:

  • Provide network visibility in deep
  • Offline and live capture analysis
  • Capture a type of data packets which analyze many features such as source and destination protocols
  • Provide short details of network activities
  • Gives colouring scheme for fast analysis
  • Compressed gzip files can also capture and decompressed with fly
  • Present output in different forms such as plain text, PostScript, XML or also CSV
  • Provide live data readability like USB, Blue-tooth, Token Ring, ATM etc.
  • Provide support for decryption protocol including SSL/TLS, IPsec, WPA/WPA2, ISAKMP 


BeEF, another penetration testing tool used to evaluate vulnerabilities and weakness that are present beyond the network and client systems. In short, it is a Browser Exploitation Framework; it used for web browser issues. BeEF uses GitHub to find browser vulnerabilities, and used for web-borne attacks. 

What are the different features of BeEF?

Following are the features of BeEF:

  • It can be launched by using direct command modules on one or two web browsers by connecting them. 
  • It used client-side vector attack for analysis of real security posture.

Netsparker Security Scanner

It is very famous and widely used penetration testing tool for web applications. It used a robust Web application scanner for vulnerabilities assessment and provided suggested solutions against founded vulnerabilities. This tool, used for web applications, websites, web services and analyze all things from cross-site scripting to SQL injection

Moreover, Netsparker penetration tool is potent to provide 500 to 1000 application analysis at the same time and provide different security options like URL rewrite rules, authentication and many more.

What are the different features of Netsparker Security Scanner?

This penetration testing tool has different features, including:

  • Manage large scale operations
  • Provide automation check for false positive
  • Provide analysis of 1000 application within one day
  • Gives regulatory and web application reports
  • It grants exact detection on bases of proof-based scanning
  • It ensures finite set up for automatic scanning
  • Provide data in collaboration of team members


Metasploit, an open-source, widely used penetration testing automation tool. It is also a perfect tool for beginners to develop their skills in penetration testing. Moreover, it performs different tasks such as evidence collection, listening, vulnerabilities scanning, exploit vulnerabilities and project reporting. Penetration tester uses Metasploit to identify and maintain security flaws, give awareness and make their defenders more powerful. It provides power to the network administrator to finds out security assessment, weak points and break them. So, it also provides the facility to make the duplicate copy of your website for social engineers.

What are the different features of Metasploit? 

  • Provide MetaModules for network segmentation tests
  • Applications, servers, Networks can be used this tool 
  • Assemble data over 1500 exploits
  •  Provide GUI and command-line interface
  • Manual brute forcing
  • Support Mac Os x, Linux and windows 
  • Provide an evaluation of older weakness of the system 

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Aircrack-NG is providing very fast-tracking speed as compare to other penetration testing tools, and it also includes support of drivers and different cards. Moreover, this penetration testing tool is developed to crack wireless weakness within a wireless connection.

How does Aircrack-NG work?

It captures network packet, transfers pocket information in the form of text files for analysis. Also, launches an attack using packet injection, after WPA handshake. Lastly, it has password dictionary and techniques to crack WEP, and in last it breaks password. 

Developed in 2010, again updated in 2019. It supports WEP dictionary attacks using various platforms. Powered by WEP WAP and WAP 2 encryption keys.

What are the features of Aircrack-NG?

  • It covers different security areas like testing, monitoring, attacking and cracking
  •  support many platforms such as OS X, Windows, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD and Solaris
  • Capture and export data
  • Driver capabilities capture WIFI devices  
  • Support new WEP attack: PTW  


Ettercap is a broad penetration testing tool that provides active and passive dissection. Mainly, developed to protect against from man in the middle attack. Ettercap provides the facility to its user to make packets and execute different tasks.

What are the different features of Ettercap?   

 Ettercap features are including:

  • Grant host and network both settings
  • Provide content filtering using fly
  • It gives the concept of management and testing LAN and deep packet sniffing
  • To maintain a live connection, it adds characters into server and client
  • It provides sniffing to an SSH connection in full-duplex

Acunetix Scanner

Acunetix scanner is an advanced penetration testing tool, which is designed to provide the facility of auditing management reports and cover compliance issues. It is an automated testing tool which examines a large number of network vulnerabilities. Trackers and WAFs that are highly enjoyed issues are incorporate with this tool, and it also provides a high detection rate. It is a progressive SQLi testing and cross-site scripting tool which give advanced XSS detection.

What are the different features of the Acunetix scanner?

Features of Acunetic scanner are as follow:

  • It can run through cloud station or locally
  • Provide a straightforward implementation of login sequence recorder
  • 4500 application will be covered
  • It covers hundreds and thousands of applications without any delay
  • Scans password-protected areas

Burp Suite Pen Tester

It is designed to deal with web applications; it has different tools that design tack surface and perform analysis on the destination server and web browser. This tool has all the fundamentals activities that require to perform scanning and advanced pentation testing. This pen tester tool has two different versions for their developers. The first version designed for scanning activities, and it provides free mandatory testing facilities that requires for scanning. The second version of this tool offers advanced level penetration testing, specially designed for web applications. Other version work through different mechanisms that provide tack surface and destination server and web browser request analysis. Java platform used web-based application testing

Features of Burp Suite Pen Tester are as follows:

  • Support Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Provide automatic crawling web-based applications  

John the Ripper

A free open source tool, specially designed for password cracking. Passwords are essential for every person and system, and that’s why it is very prominent vulnerability first thing attacker do is crack passwords. This tool also provides all the essentials that require to crack the password, and it has an extensive range of system for password cracking. Moreover, it also supports brute force and rainbow crack attacks. Used for security and compliance purpose– one of the best Penetration Testing Tools.

How John the Ripper password cracker works?

For password cracking it takes the text in the form of strings form available and complex word list that are available in the traditional dictionary and encrypt them in the same format that password used. 

Following are features of John the Ripper password cracker:

  • Pro version of this tool supports Mac OS X, Hash Suite Droid, Linux
  • Provide facility to user to explore online documentation 
  • Find password weakness and identify password hashes automatically

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It is twenty years old testing tool, but it is a potent security pen-testing tool. Around the world, 27,000 companies used this tool, and it has 45,000 CEs and 100,000 plugins. So, this tool designed for websites, identify weak password, IP addresses scanning, find misconfiguration errors, use for sensitive data search, identify weak points of your and also gives an overview of network vulnerabilities system.

Features of Nessus including:

  • Find .32 defects per every 1 million scans
  • Moreover, user can also create customized reports depending on plugin or host vulnerability type.

Kali Linux

It is an advanced penetration testing tool that used Linux distribution for penetration testing. Many researcher and experts noted it as the best tool used for password sniffing and injecting. If users want to use kali Linux tool fist must they know TCP/IP protocol for best use of Kali Linux? Further, It is open-source and basically designed for version tracking, meta-packages and tool listings. 


  • It has more than 600 ethical hacking tools
  • Provide easy integration then Metasploit and Wireshark
  • Provide different vulnerability tools such as password cracking, information gathering, vulnerability analysis, wireless attacks, forensic tools, spoofing, reverse engineering, hardware hacking, sniffing and exploitation tools.
  • Also, It loads the live image into RAM for checking security skills of ethical hackers.


It is designed to exploit vulnerabilities of web application using auditing frameworks and web application attacks. In short, Audit, attack and discovery are three plugins used and after that test pass to audit tool for finding security flaws. 


  • It can run configured MITM proxy
  • A powerful tool for developers
  • It also provides ease of use for amateurs
  • Subsequently, It provides facility to complete raw HTTP and automated HTTP requests 

Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)

This tool is open source and python driven, and its design to cover penetration testing around social engineering. However, specially developed to execute advanced attacks against human beings. In short, person or organization will be targeted in attacks which are defined in that toolkit. 


  • This tool is downloaded more than 2 million times
  • It displayed in top cybersecurity conferences like Defcon, DerbyCon and also ShmooCon


It is an open-source tool which is designed to identify and exploit SQL injections effects in applications. SQl Map also provides an automatic procedure for utilizing database and also SQL injection.  Likewise, reputed tools It has a command-line interface, so it supports different database platforms such as MySQL, Sybase, MSSQL, SQLite, DB2, and also PostgreSQL. 


  • All injection methods can b used such as Time, Error, Union, Boolean
  • It supports Mac OS X, Linux and also Windows
  • However, Identify and map vulnerabilities


NMAP is another penetration testing tool which provides a quick overview of your open network ports. Also, known network mapper that point out network and system weakness. This tool provides its user amicable GUI interface known as ZenMAP. NMAP also has different tools like packet generation tool, comparison tool, and debugging tool.


  •  It supports different platform such as Windows, Mac OS x, FreeBSD, Solaris, OpenBSD, Linux, NetBSD etc
  • It also provides differences between two scans
  • Also, An Administrator can track old and new services that are running on their network
  • Provide a topology map of discovered networks
  • It also offers different features of target network such as type of operating system, type of container filters, which host is accessible on the network.

Infosec tweaks help you in identifying the vulnerabilities in your cyber systems by suggesting the best penetration testing methodology and secure protocols. For more information and queries, contact us


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